Stop Choosing Plastic.

Each time you wash your clothes it loses some of the fiber it's made from. About 60% of clothing is constructed using forms of plastic (One Green Planet). We call these synthetic fibers and it's contributing to micro-plastic pollution. This debris is being ingested by the living (yes, this includes you and your little ones) and can take up to 200 years to break down on earth's surface.

So, let's get back to nature's basic principal that everything has it's place- what first springs to life will disappear back into the earth. This is how it should be and it should be simple.

So there you have it; no plastic here.  We are proud to provide sustainable apparel that reduces micro-plastic pollution by offering items constructed with natural fibers that are not only safe for our planet, but safe for our little ones. Little can be big. Let's start the change here.